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NightFire Tactical Pen

NightFire Tactical Pen

NightFire Illumination

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What is a Tactical Pen?

The Kubotan is a small keychain weapon that was originally invented by Soke Takayuki Kubota. Normally they’re made from hardened steel, measure around 5.5 inches to 6 inches long, and have a blunt end which is used for striking and emergency situations. The blunt end can be used for self-defense by striking pressure points. When used correctly this simple weapon can disable an attacker into a quivering heap. The idea is that even the simplest objects can be used for self-defense.

So now that we know what a Kubotan is, it’s easy to see how one of these weapons could be turned into a pen. Basically, a tactical pen is a Kubotan you can use as a writing pen. It is made from hardened steel or aluminum and has grooves on the barrel to better enhance your grip. On the non-writing end, they will have a hardened tip that performs two main tasks. One is to break glass in case of an emergency, the second is for self-defense. The hardened tip can penetrate/puncture and injure an assailant with minimal expertise. Some tactical pens will also have additional tools including DNA collection where the tip is grooved to draw blood and collect skin when used to strike. This allows assailant biological data to be collected by law enforcement.

Benefits of the NightFire Tactical Pen

  1. Discrete – Tactical Pen’s are much different that most weapons. A hand gun is sure to draw attention, but a tactical pen, well, looks just like a pen and will usually go unnoticed.
  2. Carry almost anywhere – Unlike other weapons, no special permit is required and you can carry your pen in your pocket or almost anywhere. (One note of caution, when entering airports, you may want to check your tactical pen as they have been known to be confiscated at security checkpoints.)
  3. Self Defense – By striking pressure points and soft areas with the hardened tip of the instrument you can readily disarm an attacker.
  4. Writing Instrument – Our tactical pen is always available and can be used as an ordinary pen to write down information like license plates. Our pressurized inkwells can write when upside down, in the rain, and on greasy surfaces.
  5. DNA Collection – Our tactical pens come with a "teardrop" grooved tip that can be used in emergency situations collect DNA.
  6. Glass Breaker – One of the most sought after uses for a tactical pen is a glass breaker. If your car is under water or engulfed by smoke, you’ll definitely want to have one of these pens with you. Our NighFire Tactical Pen goes beyond most competing products by crafting our tip from tungsten carbide rather than aluminum.

 Available in Champaign, Gun Metal Grey, and Black

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