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Tempi Mechanical Metronome

Tempi Mechanical Metronome

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While electronic metronomes and Apps are all the rage, professional musicians still rely on the traditional mechanical metronome. Why? Because it has a more physical presence. The mechanical clicks are naturally percussive and can be heard over piano keystrokes or guitar picking. Also, the movement of the wand offers visual timing queues similar to watching the wand of conductor.

It is possible to pay more, but very few metronomes offer more quality than the Tempi. No batteries are required as the Tempi runs for as much as 20 minutes on a full wind. It offers a 40 - 208 beats per minute range, capable of covering the tempo needs of students and professionals alike. The outer shell is high-durability composite plastic shaped and colored to look and feel like mahogany.

Tempi provides their metronomes with a two year warranty, world class customer support, a FREE e-book and a FREE microfiber cleaning cloth. Part of the two year warranty is a money back guarantee!

Available in Natural or Black.

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