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Journal Master - Minimalist Edition

D&S Fine Goods

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This is our Minimalist Edition Journal Master. It is the entry point into our Journal Master line of hybrid pens. A hybrid pen is a writing instrument that can be configured as either a rollerball or a fountain pen. The Minimalist Edition is just that, a pen with minimal ornamentation and design. It is crafted from raw metals that have no outer plating. 

For those who have never written with a high end rollerball or a fountain pen, you owe the experience to yourself. Once you do, you may never be able to settle for a ballpoint again. Don't settle for less. Buy once and buy for life with our Minimalist Edition Journal Master hybrid pen.

Currently available in only one stock wood/hardware combination:

  • Bradford Pear with 6061-T6 aluminum rollerball  (only 1 in stock)


  • Length: 5.45 in.
  • Barrel & Cap Diameter: 0.5 in.
  • Weight: 48g
  • Cartridge: Schmidt ceramic rollerball
  • Finish: Shellac friction polish
  • Packaging: Black velvet pouch

Wood is a natural product. Please note that the grain and colors of each piece can vary from the examples shown.

Shipping - Our handcrafted writing instruments are produced here in the United States in the town of Roswell Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. All orders of in stock items placed before 2:00pm EST will ship the same day via USPS. Typical delivery times are 2-3 days for the eastern U.S. and 3-5 days for the western U.S.

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