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Product Update - The Workhorse V2

After a handful of product failures along with customer feedback regarding our Workhorse click pens, I've redesigned the model from the ground up. Here are the two Workhorse V2 prototypes.

The left is crafted from the same 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum that the Minimalist Edition of our Journal Master is made from. It is incredibly light yet strong. The wood is Mexican Katalox - a beautiful dark, hard wood. It is also known by some as Mexican Royal Ebony and is wonderful, durable material for a daily carry writing instrument.

The pen on the right is crafted from raw C3604 brass and a gorgeous piece of Peruvian Bocote. It's one of my favorite woods. I use it in a lot of cases where I would otherwise use Cocobolo. I find Bocote to be just as beautiful without the cost or allergy issues some people have with Cocobolo.

The next image is of a failed Blackout Edition Workhorse V1 (crafted from Gabon Ebony) and clearly shows how the wood on some of them has been cracking. The crack goes all the way through the wood to the underlying brass structure of the writing instrument. Other feedback we've heard is that the click mechanism will sometimes seize and no longer be functional, while others have spoken negatively of the "gel writer" ink cartridges. They didn't like the way the liquid ink would bleed through the paper of inexpensive notebooks. Due to these issues, we will no longer be selling the V1.

The V2 feels better in the hand with the knurled grip section and has overall better balance when writing. We've also replaced the gel ink cartridge with a smooth writing Parker style cartridge.

Possibly the biggest upgrade however is the new, authentic Schmidt click mechanism. It's all metal, smooth as butter, and if it fails it can easily be replaced.

I couldn't he happier with the resulting V2 product and I think you all will be too. If you own an original version of the Workhorse, reach out to us and we'll craft you a new Workhorse V2 and ship it out at no cost to you. (Turn around will likely be 2-3 weeks.)

Keep writing!

- David


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